Monday, January 26, 2015

WEEK 24: Short and sweet :) Ice Skating and True Happiness

Danish word of the week: LYKEE (Loo-keh) HAPPINESS

Hey everyone-I cannot believe how fast time flies! It seriously feels like I emailed you all yesterday or something. To put it in perspective-we get transfer calls next Monday! I am seriously learning so much about how important it is to make every day count

Speaking of which, email time also flies, and we're cutting it short this week so that our district can go ice skating.

Thanks for the love and prayers. Serving in Denmark is tough. There is a LOT of disappointment and rejection.  But I feel like I'm finding so much inner strength.  Before my mission, I doubted myself a ton. I was really hard on myself for every little thing and I lost hope really easily. This experience is teaching me to rely on God and to never doubt that he accepts my efforts. There is always hope, and miracles happen every day!  I'm learning to be truly happy. Not just the kind of happiness that comes when times are good, but the kind of happiness that stays with me always. Honestly, the kind of happiness that I've always admired in Mom! :) 

Jesus Christ's gospel is the recipe for pure joy and true happiness. The church is His church, and it is true!  Have a wonderful week! Love you!

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