Wednesday, May 27, 2015

WEEK 43, May 18, 2015: One Sentence Testimony - Share ONE THING you know to be true! Lord's Will & Faith

WEEK 43, May 18, 2015
Danish Phrase of the Week: Ha' det godt! (hay day got!) Literally it means 'have it good!' It's what people say to each other when they're saying goodbye. It's like-Have a good one! 

This week was a Zone Training Week! We love Zone Training! Søster Perkins and I gave a training this time around on how to be bold, simple, and loving as we're teaching. Really it's just a basic communication skill for all aspects of life. Don't beat around the bush, say what you mean clearly and simply, and make sure you are motivated by love.

It was so fun-we had a funny object lesson, good discussion, and at the end, we invited all of the missionaries to stand up and say their testimony in one sentence. One sentence of something they know to be true. It was so powerful to hear the bold, simple, loving testimonies of 30 missionaries one right after the other! One Elder who is actually a recent convert commented about it afterwards and said, 'In my short time in this church, I have never felt the Spirit rush into a room so fast.' It was a great experience and everybody learned a lot! 

I've been thinking and studying a lot recently about what it really means to be willing to do Heavenly Father's will at all times. It sounds like it relates a lot to what mom wrote about last week-making sure that whatever we're doing, no matter how big or small it may seem-is what God would have us do that day. I think in the past I've been willing to do Heavenly Father's will as long as I could see the direct benefit or logic of it. But what I'm learning on my mission is that sometimes, Heavenly Father's will is for us to work and work and work and not see immediate results. The real test is, when we're not seeing 'the point,' or we're not seeing results, do we stop working? Do we decide that, 'Well, I worked really hard for a week and nothing happened. I guess that means nothing will EVER happen.' Or do we have the faith to keep pushing and to work just as hard today as when we first started out?  Doing the Lord's work doesn't mean that everything we touch turns to gold. It's humbling and it's tiring. It can be disappointing and hard to understand why He doesn't just fix everything and everyone RIGHT NOW. Doing the Lord's work means that we push forward with hope and trust that God has a bigger plan, we do our absolute best with our little piece of it, and know that everything really will be for our good in the end.

David A. Bednar told a story where he gave a blessing to a sick girl, and asked her if she had the faith NOT to be healed. I thought that was so interesting! It's easy to have faith that things will work out perfectly in our lives. But do we really have enough faith in God's plan of happiness for us to let him take things away from us sometimes? It's a big question! MY MISSION IS TURNING ME INTO A DEEP THINKER.

I hope you all are doing great things. I hope you and the pets are figuring out the new house, that Andrew continues to be great at throwing things over long distances, that Emma will stop having pregnant-brain and start remembering where we live, and that everyone is healthy and happy! I love you!!

WEEK 42 & 42; May 10-11, 2015: Mother's Day Skype ... on television? Amanda is a football superstar! D&C 121 teaches Communication 101

Hey family! The skype name I'll be using is happyindenmark, email address: Same one we used at Christmas. We're logging on over here at 4 pm, so 8am your time. 

Kind of a funny situation-last week when the mission leader asked if the missionaries could have a place to skype, this really old couple ( their 90s) said we could come over. We were a little nervous and were even more nervous when the husband said that we could probably skype on his television., Paul, no we can't! But, old Danish people get offended really easily, and our Bishop is scared of Paul, so he said that he would figure it out and that we just need to go over to this old couple's house so that they don't get mad. ...thanks Bishop. So-that's where we'll be skyping from, keep your fingers crossed that everything works out and that they have internet. If not, the bishop did say that we could come over to his house as a back up plan.  Hopefully this doesn't become a huge fiasco. I'm excited to see you all! Happy mother's day!

WEEK 42, May 11, 2015
Danish Word of the Week: Nitning (You can sound this one out!) RIVETING. Used in a sentence, 'Did you see that sky today? Talk about blue.' 'Yes Kronk, riveting.'

It was so great talking to all of you yesterday! You all look great.

Sister Perkins and I have a goal this week to speak Danish 24/7 all week long. We always speak Danish outside the apartment, but now we're taking it up a notch and speaking it inside too! Danish is a tough language, and since basically all of the missionaries are Americans who ALSO don't know the language, we really have to work constantly to get good at it. 

Highlights of this last week: That mini-MTC activity we did with the youth was a huge success. It was so much fun! They were all having fun and laughing, but it was also a good spiritual experience there at the end. Their young mens and young womens leaders are both return missionaries, so we had them stand up at the end and talk about how their missions have influenced the rest of their lives. It really made an impact! 

We also went to Copenhagen for Leadership Council. It was a really spiritual meeting, plus it's always just great to be in the mission home and to eat Sister Sederholm's food! I love leadership weekend. We also played American football for exercise with the Elders, and I caught a touchdown pass. I didn't do anything helpful for the rest of the game, but I had that one moment of glory. It was nice.  

We're getting ready for zone trainings this week! Søster Perkins and I are doing a training on how to be simple and bold when teaching. President always talks about how we need to be bold, but not overbearing. The difference between those two is the love that we show for the person we're talking to. 

Being a Sister Training Leader has taught me a lot about having good communication. Sometimes missionaries get their feelings hurt by other missionaries, and they don't want to bring it up because they're afraid of causing contention. But it's so important that we say what we mean, and that we say it with love. Especially if someone has done something that hurts us. Just say it! Talk about it! We waste so much time sitting and quietly hurting because we're afraid, but nothing is ever going to get solved if we don't open our mouths. I always go back to the scripture in D&C 121-

41 No power or influence can or ought to be maintained by virtue of the priesthood, 
only by persuasion, by longsuffering, by gentleness and meekness, and by love unfeigned 
42 By kindness, and pure knowledge, which shall greatly enlarge the soul without hypocrisy, 
and withoutguile4Reproving betimes with sharpness, when moved upon by the Holy Ghost; 
and then showing forth afterwards an increase of love toward him whom thou hast reproved, 
lest he esteem thee to be his enemy; 44 That he may know that thy faithfulness is stronger than 
the cords of death.

That was my little soapbox. Never be afraid to stand up for yourself, and never forget the part about showing an increase of love. I love you all so much! I'm so proud of the great things you're doing and the wonderful people you are! Have a great week!

WEEK 41; May 4, 2015: How Old is My Testimony?

Danish Words of the Week: 
MOR-(more) Mom
FAR- (far) Dad
SØN-(soon-but the 'oo' is like in book) Son
DATTER-(dat-ter) Daughter
BROR- (broar) Brother
SØSTER- (sooster-with the 'book' sound again) Sister!

I'm staying another transfer in Horsens with Søster Perkins! YES.

Also, we can Skype at 4pm our time, so that would be 8am in the USA! We only have an hour this time. This might sound kind of dumb, but I think we should all plan out some things we want to say/ask about so that we don't waste time wondering what to talk about...and then realize after the phone call that we forgot to ask important questions. Deal? I'M WAY EXCITED TO SEE ALL OF YOU! And the new house. That will be fun too. 

I don't have a ton to say about this week, actually. We went on an extra splits with a companionship in our Zone because they've been having a lot of struggles in their area. It's been really hard on them, but it was inspiring to be with them and to see how hard they're trying. I felt a taste of how much Heavenly Father loves them and is so grateful for the work that they do. The Lord knows and loves His missionaries. I'm grateful for the opportunity I have to do my little part in helping these amazing women feel God's love and stay hopeful.  

Our Bishop bore his testimony yesterday and asked us all to ask ourselves- 'How old is my testimony?' He said, 'I had an experience last week that made me stop and think. I've been active in the church for 25 years, I come to church every Sunday, but am I walking around with a 25 year old testimony? Or is it being renewed every day? How old is my testimony?'  It reminded me of that General Conference talk where Gerald Causse asked, 'Is the gospel still wonderful to you?' I hope it is! 

You all are wonderful. I feel so blessed to have such a great family. Thanks for everything you do and for the great examples you all are. Have a great week and VI SES PÅ SØNDAG!! :)