Saturday, January 17, 2015

WEEK 22: 6 Months! and NOT counting, but loving every minute of every day!!

Danish word of the week: at skrupgrine (at SKROOP-green-uh) to laugh your head off. I just love that that's an actual word. And it's really applicable because that's basically what me and Søster Reed do all the time. That and missionary work.

I think there was one time I wrote about how it was super windy and I didn't know wind like that was even possible. I would like to retract that statement. Whatever kind of wind happened that one week doesn't even hold a CANDLE to what we biked through this week!! There was this one horrifying moment when my companion and I were biking up a hill, and the wind was so high that we literally couldn't pedal forward! I actually started rolling backwards a little bit! And of course we also had an audience. There were a ton of people standing at a bus stop right next to us and they were all laughing. But like, in a nice way. That's basically how it's been all week. So windy that some of the bridges were closed and the trains stopped running. How is this even possible! Our district leader actually did get blown over by the wind on his bike! 

This week ended with a miracle! We had a former investigator come to church yesterday. She left after sacrament meeting and sent us a text about how she knows that everything she heard was true. She said she came all by herself so that she would just be able to sit and listen uninfluenced by anyone else. The Spirit really spoke to her and touched her heart deeply. We called her and set up an appointment for this week. She asked me what she should do in the meantime, and I told her about Moroni’s Promise (Moroni 10:3-5) in the Book of Mormon. She got her Mormons Bog right away and read it out loud to me over the phone. She started crying and said that she would absolutely read and ask God what she should do. Another little 'side-miracle,' the woman who spoke in sacrament meeting told a story in Relief Society about how as she had been preparing her talk for today, she felt like what she should say had come into her mind word for word. She said that had never happened before, but that she knew that this time there was a special message that Heavenly Father wanted her to share. I know that what she said was exactly what this former investigator needed to hear! It's amazing how all of these little pieces fall together to create miracles. 

Our Sister Training Leader sent me this scripture in a Christmas card. I don't even need to explain why I love it. 

Therefore, dearly beloved brethren, let us cheerfully do all things that lie in  our power; and then may we stand still, with the utmost assurance, to 
see the salvation of God, and for his arm to be revealed.
Doctrine and Covenants 123:17

I love you all!!! Have a fantastic week. I want you to know that every single week, your emails make me laugh REALLY LOUD in the library, and it makes everyone stare. I think they're a little jealous that their families aren't as funny as mine

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