Wednesday, January 7, 2015

WEEK 20: Remember that one time when we SKYPED? & A White Christmas in Copenhagen

Danish phrase of the week: Godt Nyt År! (Got Noot Oar) Happy New Year!

Hey everyone! Remember that one time when we SKYPED? That was fun. It was so great to see you all! What a good looking bunch of people.

Ok-Danish Christmas. They have so many fun traditions here-I'm bringing them ALL home. They celebrate Christmas on the evening of the 24th-which was a little strange for all of us Americans. I feel like so much of the excitement of Christmas is waking up to Christmas morning on the 25th! But I LOVE all of their Christmas music, decorations, FOOD-I sent you all a Christmas package with some little things-I hope it gets to you soon!

On Danish Christmas Day (24th) our ward had a hour long service-I played the piano while 2 women in the ward sang Silent Night-I think Gay Slade would have been proud! I can't even REMEMBER the last time I performed anything on the piano. But it went well! #christmasmiracle

After that we went to a Christmas Service at a Danish Christian church-that was an awesome experience! They have so many beautiful, old churches here! And they are packed with people on Christmas Day :) There was a beautiful pipe organ and the preacher gave a really good talk...sermon...preaching? about how when we celebrate the birth of Christ we also have to remember everything that came after. We celebrate Christ's birth because his LIFE was so significant.

We had Christmas with a member, Tina, and her friend Kirsten. They both have grown-up children who have known each other for years, so it was really fun. They were so sweet and taught us how to make Danish Christmas food! We played some games, ate, and read the Christmas story from the Bible-we also read the sections in the Book of Mormon that talk about Christ's birth. That's something I want to start doing every year as well-there's some really beautiful stuff in there.

The morning of the 25th-IT SNOWED! Søster Reed and I were like little kids. We woke up, looked out the window, and just jumped around the apartment because we got a White Christmas! It NEVER snows in Copenhagen on Christmas! We opened Christmas presents, made Grandma Dixon's hot chocolate, and sang Christmas songs for companionship study.  Great day. 

EXCITING NEWS! Aviaaja is moving to Copenhagen TODAY! haha it totally came out of the blue-I thought she was just coming to VISIT for New Year's, but nope! She's moving! She got accepted to university here so she bought a ticket, packed up, and she'll get here at 8 pm tonight. Oh my word. I'm so excited for her! I'm so proud of her for how strong she's been-and it will just be so wonderful for her to be able to come to church, go to the temple, and really be a part of things here. Plus I just can't wait to see her!! This will be fun!

I'm looking forward to another transfer in Frederiksberg-people keep joking that I'm staying here because it's taking me extra time to learn what I need to learn here. I just hope I can make the most of it and do good work in the next 6 weeks. It's seems like a long time, but it's seriously crazy how fast transfers come and go!

I was talking to another new Sister Missionary-well, I guess I really can't say that I'm new anymore- but anyways, we were talking about New Year’s Resolutions and how we are going to spend ALL of 2015 as missionaries. This entire calendar year will be completely devoted to missionary work. It's such a unique time! I am so excited for everything that's coming in the next year-because so much has already happened in just the last 5 months! And as President reminded me a couple of weeks ago, most of the miracles that have happened are small and easily missed, but if we have eyes to see and ears to hear, and gratitude in our hearts, the hand of the Lord becomes apparent in our everyday lives. That gives us a lot to look forward to.

I love you all! It was so fun to talk to you this week. Keep it real, VO's!

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