Thursday, June 11, 2015

WEEK 45: May 31, 2015: How to eat spaghetti like an Italian, Sabbath Day, and LEGOLAND!

Danish Phrase of the Week: Vi er ikke Jehovas Vidner. (vee air ik-keh Yeh-hoe-vah's Vil-ner) WE ARE NOT JEHOVAS WITNESSES.

This sentence is a very important one to know when we're out knocking-which we are a lot. If I had 1 crown for every time someone has thought I was a Jehovah Witness, my BYU tuition would be paid for! :)

Fun thing that happened this week-one of our Italian investigators made us spaghetti. He made home-made Italian sauce, which took about 2 hours...and it tasted AMAZING. It was encouraging to see that he still cooks the noodles the same way as I do. I'm doing something right. It made us feel very cultured to eat pasta with an Italian. He also taught us how to do the fancy spoon and fork technique which is way harder than just eating it with a fork, but it's Italian so I can't judge. 

We've been focusing a lot this last month on keeping the Sabbath Day Holy and making the Sabbath 'a delight' like it says in Isaiah. It has been such a powerful experience really focusing on the sacrament every Sunday. It really is the most important thing we do all week-and we take it for granted so much! Watch the Bible Video about the Last Supper-it does an amazing job of showing the attitude we should have when we take the sacrament. Christ did so much for us! It's impossible for us to understand how much he gave so that we could come back to him someday. I'm so grateful for my Savior!

This email is going to have to be really short because we are going to LEGOLAND today! A member in our ward is taking us and the Elders...we are stoked! Get excited for pictures next week.

Mom-thanks for the soccer videos! You are a champ. Emma's baby shower looked so fun! And I am crying every time I read emails from Andrew because he is sounding like a (kind of) grown up person. Dad-your gadgets sound neat but remember that you have a family and that they are neat too. Haha :) I love you all so much! 

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