Monday, March 30, 2015

WEEK 33, 3/30/2015: Being in the right place at the right time to do the Lord's work and extend Heavenly Father's love to those in need & formal complaints about Mom's blogging abilities

Danish Word of the Week: Påske (POE-skeh) Easter!

Hey family! Sister Perkins and I had a great first week together! We've been working really hard-we come home exhausted every night-seriously, completely drained of energy. But then we miraculously can wake up on time the next morning and do it all again! The time is flying. I love this work!

We had some great experiences with being led to the right place at the right time. One night, at the last minute, we stopped by a member before heading home. It turned out that she needed a blessing. She is new in the ward and didn't know that two member families live right down the street from her! So we were able to call the Priesthood holders over to her house. She was so grateful that we decided to stop by!

We brought the Relief Society President out teaching with us the other day, but the appointment we had scheduled fell through. I remembered another potential investigator we had found knocking in that same building the week before, so we decided that we might as well stop by her! She was home and she let us right in! She told us that she had actually been hoping that we would come by today because she had a lot of questions. She told us that she wants to find more faith, and she thinks it's beautiful how much our faith influences our daily lives. She had done a TON of research on the church. She had all kinds of great questions. It was an awesome meeting. :) And Pia, our Relief Society President, was perfect to have with. It was way exciting. 

We also went to an Easter market thing in the city with one of our investigators. She was playing the piano for this community choir, and there were all kinds of hand-made Easter things that people were selling. We listened to the choir for a little bit, and walked around the market. As we were walking, we ran into one of our investigators who we haven't been able to get ahold of for weeks! We finally got to make an appointment with her. And then, we ran into a recent convert. As soon as he saw us, he started crying and asked us to sit down with him. He had been having a really rough time and needed somebody to talk to. I was really grateful that we could be there to listen to him and to let him know that God is aware of him

I think those are my favorite moments on my mission-when Heavenly Father re-arranges our plans because he needs us somewhere else. It's in those moments that I really feel like I'm fulfilling my purpose as a representative of Jesus Christ. We have such a unique and wonderful opportunity as missionaries to be available 24/7 for the Lord to use us to bless His children. It's exhausting, but there is nothing more rewarding! I love it.

The church came out with another beautiful video-here's the link! Explore the website a little bit, too. It's all about the Savior's last week on earth and how those events matter in our lives today. 

I know that Jesus Christ lives. He is not dead, he is not an old character in a book of good stories. He is a real person. He is our Savior, our friend, and our older brother. He loves us and will help us in our daily lives if we let him in. I know that this is His church on the earth today, and that he leads it! I'm excited for Easter and Conference! It's going to be a great weekend.

I love you all! Take care of each other! 

P.S. Mom, one of my friends here in Denmark has submitted a complaint that the blog has not been updated in a long time. :) Also, Grandma Dixon says that you have been selfish with the emails lately. Haha :) Just passing on the info. You're a nice lady.

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