Monday, March 30, 2015

WEEK 32, 3/23/2015: What missionaries do when they have to stay inside for 2days; I Know that my Redeemer Lives!, & favorite scripture about the Resurrection, Mosiah 16:7-9

Danish Word of the Week: Opstandelsen (op-stan-el-sen) The Resurrection
            My new companion is Sister Perkins! We were in the MTC together, and we lived in the same apartment our first transfer in Denmark. I'm so excited to be her companion. Yay!
            This week was super weird but good. I was together with the Sisters from Vejle, and we had our lives all figured out as to how we were going to evenly spread the love between our two areas, but then-as always happens in missionary work-absolutely nothing went right. Sister Soelberg got extremely sick our first day together. We were at a Family Home Evening with a member and the Elders (one of our investigators was supposed to be there but then she cancelled at the last that was a little awkward.) But anyways, Sister Soelberg's heartrate got up to 140 bpm while she was just sitting there in the living room. And she felt really dizzy and sick so we were like-okay, time to leave. When we woke up the next morning and went on a walk to the grocery store, her whole body started hurting and she had to sit on the grass for like 15 minutes before we could make the walk home. Basically we have no idea what was wrong with her, but it was bad enough that she had to go get a blood test and we had to stay inside for two days. Inside. For two. days. That was the most bizarre feeling in the world. We did a lot of organizing of the  book area, cleaning, baking, and we watched the Testaments in multiple languages. Sister Woster also cut my hair. It looks great. :)
            Luckily, by the end of the week everyone was feeling good again, so we were able to go out and do some good work. We visited a refugee camp in Vejle and found a really sweet family from Burma who became Christian because of a missionary who translated the Bible into Burmese several years ago, and they were really open to hearing about the Book of Mormon.
            There were also a lot of people from Syria who didn't speak Danish or English, and they all kept calling the same woman to come translate for them. I think she got a little annoyed with us after the fifth family called her and said something in Arabic probably like, 'There are these three weird girls on my doorstep pantomiming something about a book; can you come help me out?' It was pretty funny.  But really-pray for Syria. There are some scary things happening in that country.
            We had a great Zone Conference. We got to watch Meet the Mormons! It didn't have quite the same impact as Frozen did during our Christmas Zone Conference, but it was still a good time. President had me sing I Know that My Redeemer Lives. I am always so grateful for the chances that I get to sing. I feel like it's the best way I can share my testimony. The church is coming out with a new Easter video in a couple of weeks that bears testimony that Jesus Christ lives. He can be an active part of our lives today, if we let him in.
            This is my new favorite scripture about the resurrection. I like it because it's true, and also because it's one of the only scriptures about the resurrection that doesn't end with a terrifying statement about how the wicked will be burned as stubble at the great and terrible day. So. Here is a rare, 100% uplifting scripture about the resurrection of Christ. :)

7 And if Christ had not risen from the dead, or have broken the bands of death that the grave should have no victory, and that death should have no sting, there could have been no resurrection.
 8 But there is a resurrection, therefore the grave hath no victory, and the sting of death is swallowed up in Christ.
 9 He is the light and the life of the world; yea, a light that is endless, that can never be darkened; yea, and also a life which is endless, that there can be no more death.
Mosiah 16:7-9
I love you all so much! Thank you for being wonderful.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM!! I have a present for you if I ever remember to buy a stamp :)

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