Monday, March 9, 2015

Week 30: First Zone Training, Yoga vs Pastry, and Springtime Flowers!!

Danish Word of the Week: Blomster (blom-ster) Flowers

Hey team! I hope everyone had a great week! This week Søster Barrett and I taught our first zone training together! We help the sisters in both the South Jylland (You-land) and North Jylland Zones-so we had two back to back trainings on Tuesday and Wednesday. I love Zone Training. It's always so fun to be together with other missionaries and learn from each other. We really have such amazing people in the mission right now. It makes such a huge difference to have missionaries who are willing to sacrifice, work hard, and really show their faith in this work! We've been seeing some amazing miracles in the mission. President's latest catch-phrase-well...he has two of them right now...but one of them is, 'The Lord is not only hastening his work in Denmark, he is accelerating it!' The other catch phrase is, 'Seeing is not believing, but seeing sure does help.' Yes. Yes it does. 

But anyways, zone training was fun. We talked about how to help our investigators recognize the Spirit. It was super nerve wracking to stand up there and act like I know something about missionary work that is worthy to be shared with everyone-but honestly Søster Barrett and I really felt like Heavenly Father guided us as we planned our training. So it wasn't us at all. A lot of missionaries came up to us afterwards and told us that our training was an answer to prayers. 

There's a girl in our ward who has been struggling a lot with depression. She plays the viola, Søster Barrett plays the guitar, and, as you all know, I can beat box, so we went over and played music with her the other day. It was super fun. They actually have a lot of the same girls camp songs in Denmark as we have in the US-so it kind of turned into a flashback to girl's camp party. Like-the sippin' cider through a straw song, and the Mormon Boy song, Form Bananas-Go Bananas. The Classics. ...I cannot beat box.

The best part of my life right now is that the sun is coming out and it's actually warm sometimes! And there are such cute spring flowers all over the place. There is a field down the street from our apartment just full of them! We had a 5 minute photo-shoot on the way to an appointment the other day. Also, there is a beach within a 8 minute run from our apartment, with a Yoga rock. I'm sending you pictures of that, too. There is also a bakery right by it, so a lot of times we counter-act the effects of our morning run with a morning pastry. It's all about balance

I'm trying to think of random funny stories. Some of the Elders had a sleepover before zone training and they all shaved their legs. We went over to some investigators, and they actually ended up dropping us, but it was okay because one of them gave us two doctors' gloves blown up like balloons as a parting gift. 

So-that was our life this week! The church is true, god loves you, and spring is here! Thank goodness. :)

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