Monday, March 30, 2015

WEEK 31: 3/16/2015 Consecrated Missionaries and "When you play music, you can never say anything wrong!"

Danish Word of the Week: Bank på. (bahnk poe) to knock. on doors. 

Hej team! Sounds like Peter Pan was a blast and that you all had a great week! Shout-out to Gibby and SaruhJane:  Frandy wants you to know that he's really upset that you finished watching Harry Potter without him. I think he's just a little bitter about still having a bed-time. :)

I sent Sister Barrett home this morning. She got on a train to Copenhagen all by herself to meet up with President. She is a rockstar. I loved being her companion. Being with her really put my mission into perspective. She just wanted to use up every last minute she had working as hard as she could. It really makes you realize that this time is so precious and it just flies! It can be easy to get stuck in a routine or just do things half-heartedly, but I never want to look back on my mission and wish that I had worked harder. We never get this time back! I read a talk called The Fourth Missionary this week-and it was about becoming a missionary who can honestly say that they serve the lord with all of their heart, might, mind, and strength. Good missionaries serve with their might and strength-they're obedient, they work hard, they muscle through it but forget to find the joy in their work. Consecrated missionaries (or, the fourth kind of missionary in this talk) serve with their heart and their mind as well. They are obedient because they love and trust the Lord, not just because they feel like they have to be. They talk to everyone because they love the people and love the gospel, not because they want to show everyone else what a hard worker they are. Being that kind of missionary-or that kind of ANYTHING-lets us enjoy every minute, find joy in our work, and shapes us into more Christlike people. It's a really great talk. Everyone should read it!

So anyways-for this week I'm combined with the Sisters in Vejle. I'm in a tri-panionship again! Sister Barrett extended her mission-so that means she ended up having to go home a week before actual transfers happen. I'll find out who my new companion is on Thursday at Zone Conference. 

Best knocking story of the week-Sister Barrett and I knocked on a potential investigator's door in the Esbjerg Sisters' area (long boring story of why we were there in the first place...), and she was this tiny little Danish woman with HUGE glasses wearing a Rastafarian dress. When she saw us, she got all excited and let us right in. She lived in a little apartment with a main room completely filled by a grand piano. She said she loves Mormons because we love to sing! She sat right down at the piano and started playing Nearer My God to Thee with the most energy I've ever seen put into that song. She was all over the keys. Sister Barrett and I just stood there grinning at each other like- who IS this wonderful woman?? And then of course we sang with her. She was so cute. After we sang a couple of hymns that she knew she turned to us and said, 'Jeg har altid spillet musik fordi når man spiller, så kan man aldrig sige noget forkert.' (I have always played music because when you play, you can never say anything wrong.) Then she gave us some hot chocolate that burned our throats and sent us on our way. We are sending the Esbjerg Sisters back to her. She's amazing.

You all are great! Thanks for the love and support! 

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