Wednesday, August 12, 2015

WEEK 54: August 3, 2015: Recalling blessings / lessons learned from California Sabbatical & Burning my tights in a pan!

Danish Word of the Week: BARN (bahn) CHILD/KID

Ella is the cutest baby! I love her! Thank you so much for all of the millions of pictures. I'm glad that everything went so well and that everyone is happy and healthy! Our family is so blessed! I missed you all a lot this week; it was hard not being there to meet Emma's baby. But don't worry-I'm still happy to be here and working just as hard. :)

Me and Søster Reed are having a blast being back together. I'm so grateful for all of the awesome companions I've had so far on my mission-I have loved and learned so much from every single one of them! Not a single psycho in the bunch. :) Søster Reed and I just laugh all the time so working with her is extra fun. 

Speaking of laughing-I remembered this way funny story I need to tell you about. There was this one time when we brought one of our friends to a ward party, we'll call him David. The Stake Patriarch came up and shook David's hand, and in the middle of the handshake said, 'Look at how little your hands are! These are WOMAN'S HANDS!' And I, without even thinking about what I was doing, I smacked the Stake Patriarch's hand(!) and said, 'Don't say that to him!' And then I had this moment of horror where I realized that I had smacked the Stake Patriarch. Luckily, he thought it was funny...but like...I learned in that moment that I need to get a little better control of myself. :)

We started teaching a really sweet girl this week, and we had a great lesson about God's plan for us. We had a really great conversation about how we learn the most from the hard things that happen to us. A lot of people wonder why they have to have struggles-why can't everything just work out for once? Why can't blessings just come right now? I got to tell about the year that we spent in California on sabbatical (however you spell that.) That was a way hard year for me, and at the time I was NOT grateful for that experience. (sorry parents.) But now looking back, I see that year as one of the most important years of my life so far. It was that year that really kickstarted all of the life lessons that I'm still learning about where true self confidence comes from, why we really go to church every sunday, how it can actually be fun to hang out with your family :), and how to reach out to other people who are having a hard time. I would never have chosen that experience, but luckily Heavenly Father knew what I needed to learn and the kind of person that I need to become-so he gave that to me to push me in the right direction. He does that all the time-and our trials are just another way to see his hand directing our lives. 

I love you all so so much! Kiss baby Ella for me! She did the right thing by choosing an August birthday :) Have a great week!

Burning my tights in a pan in honor of 1yr mark!

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