Wednesday, August 12, 2015

WEEK 55: August 10, 2015: I just had an apostrophe! How to always have hope

Copenhagen w/ bridge to Sweden in background

Danish Word of the Week-Vinkeskinke (veenk-eh skeenk-eh) Relief Society Arms. It literally means-'wave ham'

'I just had an apostrophe'
'I think you mean an epiphany.'
Name that movie.

Anyways, I had an epiphany this week. I've figured out how to always have hope. We hear all the time in the church that we have trials so that we can be more like Christ, right?  What I realized this week is that we have EVERYTHING so that we can be more like Christ. It's not just through our trials that we're supposed to learn things. People get in trouble all the time because once things start going good, they forget God and forget to improve themselves as people. They start coasting. But-if we look at everything we have in our lives, good and bad, exciting and mundane and ask - How is this supposed to make me more like Christ? Then we will be able to maintain an eternal perspective and a hope in everything we do! There will be a deeper purpose in doing the little things like projects at school, service in the ward, budgeting for the family, and reading the scriptures every day. We won't start coasting and we won't get bored of life. The meaningless things will fall away and the meaningful things will become more enjoyable. Jesus Christ is our perfect example, and this life is a wonderful opportunity for us to follow Him. The Atonement is there to give us endless chances to try again, and more importantly it gives us the power we need to change our hearts. So-secret to always having hope, always have a focus on becoming like Christ. That was my epiphany...I hope it made sense.
One of our favorite bike trails

I love gospel! I love being a missionary and I love you all.  I love seeing pictures of baby Ella! 
I told this to Emma already, but I can really feel the special spirit she brought into our family. Have a wonderful week!

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