Thursday, July 30, 2015

WEEK 52: July 20, 2015: Don't tell me the odds! Family from Sweden translates for Spanish speaking investigator in a Danish Branch ... WHAT?

SPANISH Phrase of the Week- Cantamos Mañana = We Sing Tomorrow.

Don't worry, I didn't forget what language I'm supposed to be learning. We visit an inactive member from Brazil named Marcia, and she has a friend staying at her house named Mario. He only speaks Spanish and Romanian. Sister Ripa and I sang a song for them, and they both loved it! J Mario wanted to look at the church website in Spanish so he could read more about where we were from. We invited them both to come to church and told them that we'd be singing again in sacrament meeting. Somewhere in the confusion of all of the Danish, English, Portuguese, and Spanish that was flying around, Mario got confused and thought that we meant we would sing again tonight, and all of a sudden I remembered two Spanish words, 'Cantamos Mañana.' When I said that he looked at me so excited and said, 'Hablas español??' And I was like-'No. No hablo español.' :) But he was so happy that I knew those few words in Spanish and he smiled and said, 'Hasta mañana.' Marcia said that she would think about coming to church so that she could translate for him, but she didn't seem quite as excited about it.

So yesterday in church as we were standing at the door saying hi to people, Mario came in! But Marcia wasn't with him. We were of course excited to see him, but we were like-he speaks NO Danish or English. ...Shoot. We had texted our ward mission leader the night before, and nobody in the ward served a Spanish speaking mission. So we basically had no idea how he was going to understand the meeting. We sat down on a pew with him, and I was trying to think if I could maybe track down a Spanish book of Mormon or the church website on somebody's smart phone, when Sister Ripa whispered to me, 'Sister, is the family behind us speaking Spanish?' They totally were! We hurried and introduced them to Mario-they were a family visiting our ward from Sweden. The wife was from Peru, and the husband was originally from Denmark, but also spoke fluent Spanish. He was able to translate sacrament meeting for Mario, and he had a great time!

We were floored. It was such a huge miracle! I don't even want to hear about what the odds are that this family from Sweden with a husband fluent in both Danish and Spanish would end up in Copenhagen Denmark sitting directly behind two sister missionaries with a Spanish speaking investigator they had basically no way of communicating with. God is aware of all of us! And I really need to brush up on my Spanish!

We were also able to find four more new people to teach this week. Heavenly Father is really blessing us.

I love you all so much! EMMA YOU BETTER HAVE YOUR BABY THIS WEEK! Take good care of each other and reach out to people who need your help. Have a great week!

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