Wednesday, July 15, 2015

WEEK 49 Pictures of Sankt Hans Dag! A HUGE Danish Holiday


This week was a holiday called Sankt Hans Dag. It comes from back in the day when witch burning was socially acceptable. Once a year, the Danes build the biggest bonfire they can and burn a scarecrow type thing that looks like a witch. It also celebrates the summer solstice, but nobody really pays attention to that. :) Once the fire is a little smaller, they wrap bread dough around big long sticks and cook it-and then you eat the rolls with jam or whatever else you want. It was way fun! We had a huge ward party-everyone said that our bonfire was one of the biggest they've ever seen. This ward is so fun-there are so many kids and they all love hanging out with the missionaries! It makes us feel way loved.
Sankt Hans Dag!  Our Witch

Biggest, Hottest Bonfire I have EVER seen! It singed the leaves on the trees and burned the lawn!  

Even standing this far away we can feel the heat!

We went to a Fourth of July party / birthday party, and a HUGE water fight broke out.  Main targets - the Missionaries.            These are the results.

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