Tuesday, April 28, 2015

WEEK 36; 4/20/2015: Half-way there!! Ostriches, Chokolade trekants, teaching, sweet prayers, and sunshine!!

Danish Word of the Week-Struds (strools) Ostrich. Because we saw one! True story. No picture evidence unfortunately, but it happened. Just ask Sister Perkins. 

Other exciting/weird news-this last week was mine and Søster Perkins' half-way point! April 16th. Halfway through this crazy wonderful life. We bought a chokolade trekant to celebrate. I'll attach a picture to try to explain what that is. It is a pizza sized-pastry covered in chocolate and filled with this almond flavored cream stuff. Basically humans shouldn't eat it--but like...I do what I want. 

Also, this week was amazing. It was the first time we have been able to spend an entire week in our area since the beginning of the transfer-so we got some serious work done. This probably won't mean anything to any of you-but we taught 10 lessons with a member present this week-which is a very big deal. We also found some really awesome new people to teach and had some amazing lessons with the people we're already working with! Our biggest challenge lately has been getting people to church, and 4 of our friends came yesterday! And one of our wonderful but very skeptical friends agreed to have a church tour so that maybe some other week he'll be more comfortable coming for the actual meetings. Great progress, people. :)

Sweetest moment-we have this thing we do in the mission where whenever we say a prayer with someone, we always ask if there is anyone specific in their life we can pray for. It's a really nice way to get to know the people who are important to them-and show that we really do care about their lives and their families. Anyways. The other day, something happened that has never happened before! We invited one of our investigators to say the closing prayer, and HE asked US which of our friends or family members needed prayers. Me and Sister Perkins just about cried. It was such a little thing, but seriously no one has ever thought to ask us that before. It's the little things! Teaching him is going really well. He's the one who came to General Conference a couple of weeks ago and loved it. 

The sun has been consistently out-none of this awful switching back and forth between sunshine and freezing rain. We are officially leaving the coats at home and wearing short sleeves today. Big things are happening.

I love you all! Have a wonderful week!

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