Tuesday, April 28, 2015

WEEK 37; 4/27/2015: Sister Van Orden is a great human being who needs to work out more & teaching with Google Translate

Danish Word of the Week: at oversætte (OWER-set-eh) TO TRANSLATE

Hey family-this week we went on an adventure splits in Ålborg. The adventure started at 6:30 in the morning when we went outside to exercise, and got locked out of the Ålborg Sisters' apartment. The adventure continued when we realized that both of our phones were also locked inside the apartment, and that the only person who had an extra key to the apartment was a member who lived at the top of a very tall hill. And the adventure got even greater when we realized that we first had to get to the Elders' apartment so we could use their phone to see if this member was even home. Also, the Sisters' bikes were locked, and they keys to those were also locked in the apartment. So Sister Thompson was like, “Sister Van Orden,  are you ready to go on a run?” So-we ran across Ålborg and showed up at the Elders' apartment looking really scary probably, borrowed their phone, borrowed their bikes which were WAY too big for us, and then showed up at the members' house looking even scarier, but we got the apartment key from her so it's fine. It all worked out great, after three hours of literally running all over the city. I think the best way to judge a persons' character is how they react when things go crazy like that. Based on that experience, I am judging that Sister Thompson is a great human being, and that Sister Van Orden needs to work out more, but is also a great human being

This week Søster Perkins and I taught a lesson entirely with Google Translate to a family from Syria. The husband speaks a tiny bit of Danish and no English. They speak Arabic as a family, but the wife can't read. We taught about prayer, and we typed everything in Danish, Google translated it to Arabic, and the husband read it out loud to his wife. It took forever, but it was actually a really sweet lesson, and they want to keep learning! Thank goodness for Google translate and the Arabic missionary pamphlets.

Our friends are still making us proud by coming to church! The ward is so loving and welcoming to them and it makes all the difference in the world! The last couple of Sunday School lessons we've taught have been centered around the talk-The Blueprint of Christ's Church. It's a really great CES Devotional from earlier this year that talks about how the church today follows the 'blueprint' Christ left for us in the New Testament. It's really interesting and it has strengthened my testimony a lot that Jesus Christ really does lead and guide His church on the earth today. It's such a blessing to be a part of it and to help others learn more about it! 

We're finding out about transfers on Thursday! I am praying for at least one more transfer in Horsens. I love it here and I love being with Sister Perkins. Life is great

I'm still not sure what plans are for Mother's Day Skype-it's crazy how fast that came! But I'll keep you posted. Hopefully all of our speakers work this time. :)

I love you all! You are wonderful people.

P.S. We went and explored a castle with some members the other day! 

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