Monday, December 1, 2014

WEEK 14: Edith's baptism & "there is a light about all of you that is really quite amazing"

Edith's baptism!! She is so cute! She was literally dancing all evening.

Danish word of the week: Taknemlighed (Tak-nem-lee-hill) GRATITUDE. Happy Thanksgiving!

We had such a fun week! We got to go to the temple twice in one weekend, and Edith got baptized! Also, København is starting to decorate for Christmas and it is GORGEOUS. I love this city!

It's getting to the point where I've been in this area long enough to feel like I really know people well. I feel like I'm friends with the people in my ward, with the people we're teaching, and with the other missionaries. I loved them all right away, that's one of the blessings of being a missionary, I think-the ability to love people even if you don't know them that well, but it's an even greater blessing to really feel close to them. I really felt that a lot this week.

We had Søster Reed's 'one month in the land' meeting on Friday which is always so much fun. It's where all of the trainers and trainees get together and basically have a giant family reunion and tell crazy mission stories. President also gave us a great lesson about what it means to walk with Christ. Christ has called us to follow Him, and, let's be honest, following Him isn't always the easiest road. The Savior endured a lot of trials and hardships in His life, but look at where His road leads! Of course we're going to have hard things happen to us, but because of the Gospel, we know that no trial, shortcoming, or pain is permanent. His is the path that leads to eternal life in the presence of God! That's a pretty incredible destination. We studied Elder Hollands talk, The Cost and Blessings of Discipleship, and I would really encourage all of you to read it as well! It's Elder Holland. Who doesn't love Elder Holland? :)

As part of the one month meeting, we got to all go through the temple together. In Danish. På dansk. It was so special to be in the temple with all of these missionaries. THEN, we got to go to the temple the next day because one of Søster Reed's Danish friends is getting ready to go on a mission to London, and President gave us permission to go through the temple again with her. Fabulous weekend!

Edith's baptism was so sweet. She was walking on air.

We had a lesson with one of our investigators this last week that really built my testimony. She is a woman who has been meeting with missionaries for a long time, and she has a hard time accepting prayer as a legitimate way to receive answers. We're great friends with her, and she actually helps us with Language Study sometimes. During one of our Danish lessons we kind of went on a tangent about why she has been investigating the church for so long. She says that with all of the problems she has, she can't deny that there is something different about the members. She especially mentioned that there is something different about the youth-that there is an openness and a 'solid-ness' that you don't find in a lot of young people in the world today. She said, exact words- that 'there is a light about all of you that is really quite amazing.' She asked us why we think that is, and we told her that it is because as members of the church, we try to center our lives around Christ. How he lived, how he taught, how he treated others, and how he always gave the glory to God. It was a really special experience to have that conversation with her and to be able to bear our testimonies of how the gospel really does give us a sure foundation and a light.
I love you all so much-thanks for everything you do! Have a fun Thanksgiving with our huge crazy wonderful family!!

They decorated the front of this building like the Nutcracker. I thought that all of my ballerina 
cousins would appreciate that.

Blurry...but they hang these lights with hearts in the middle all over the city! Hearts are a really big symbol for Christmas here.
[Note from Jill: I crocheted that red scarf she is wearing!! I'm so glad she can actually wear it and it looks good!!]

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