Sunday, November 22, 2015

WEEK 69, November 16, 2015: Family History Experts and Bike Repairmen Extrodinaire; Savior's birth and life brings hope, comfort, and happiness!

Danish Word of the Week: Julekoncert (YOO-luh-kon-SAIRT) Christmas Concert

Hey family!
So this week we finally got our training on how to start incorporating family history service into missionary work! We are so excited. We got these fancy new pass-along cards and everything-which is probably not a big deal to you but it is a big deal to us because the old family history cards literally put people to sleep. It's a big improvement. :)

Danes already keep really detailed records-a lot of families have a family history book with all kinds of pictures, stories, and birth certificates. So we're going to tell them about this great website called Family Search (maybe you've heard of it :) and we have like four lessons to help them get started with it. We don't try to teach them about the church unless they ask. (which they always do). It's a great idea because it's just pure service. We help people with something that's important to them with no strings attached, and then after they start getting to know us, asking questions, and finding out that we're not weirdos, we can teach more.

Sister Ferguson and I have discovered that this is the key to success with knocking houses! Usually knocking houses is a rough time because people won't even hold the door open long enough to hear where we're from, but with family history we have had good conversations like every other door! It's crazy! We found a handful of people this week that we're going to start helping! I really like pretending to be a family history expert. It's fun.

But seriously, did you know that the church stores their family history records in a high security vault in the side of a mountain? You could drop a nuclear bomb on that place and the family records wouldn't be damaged. PRESERVE THE GENERATION CHARTS AT ALL COSTS! It's way intense.

What else...umm....Christmas concert in two weeks! We have all of the music sent out, now we're just getting all the details into place and we should be ready! I just really want this to be a meaningful experience for everyone. I hope that people will come away with the feeling that the birth of the Savior isn't just a cute story we tell once a year, it's something that can help them in their lives today-even though it happened over 2,000 years ago. I want people to be able to feel that there is hope for the world. A lot of people are really scared about the things that are happening in France and elsewhere-there is a lot of tension and fear. We're not supposed to live our lives in fear. We're supposed to have hope and to love each other. Sometimes it's hard to have hope in society, but we can always have hope in the Savior and his ability to heal and comfort us. He overcame sin and death, and because he did that for us, what do we have to fear? I just want people to feel uplifted and be happy. So. Hopefully we can do that. :)
In other news-Sister Ferguson's back tire now has 6 patches on it, and my bike tire decided that it was done with life so it literally cracked in half the other day. We have spent so much time fixing bikes this week. Every time the district leader calls to see how we're doing we're like 'Well...we got another flat...' I think we've set a mission record! We finally just caved and replaced Sister Ferguson's tube so hopefully that'll hold for a little while.

I got the package with the Spooky Pops! They were all in one piece and tasted so good! Thank you!

I think that's about it. Life is good. I love you all so much! Have a great week!

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