Wednesday, October 21, 2015

WEEK 65, October 19, 2015: Amanda May +7 go on Christmas Music Tour! Please send Family History Stories & the Gospel is Beautiful.

Danish Word of the Week: SLÆGTSFORSKNING (SLEKTS-forsk-ning) FAMILY HISTORY

Transfers! I'm still in Esbjerg, and my new companion is Sister Ferguson! She's been in the mission for about 9 months and she's WAY AWESOME. She is really good at having fun and working hard at the same time. And she takes tons of pictures which I'm honestly not very good at, so at least we know that our time in Esbjerg will be documented. :) I'm so excited to get to be her companion.

Exciting news-me and Elder Dickson, an Elder from my MTC group who is WAY good at the piano and organ, get to organize a group of 8 missionaries to do a Christmas Music Tour!! We are going to be on the road in the mission van for 2 1/2 weeks at the beginning of December and put on firesides all over the country! I AM SO EXCITED. This is craziness because we have all kinds of coordinating to do with all of the different wards, plus we have to write an entire Music and the Spoken Word in Danish...but it's going to be great!!!! We also need to figure out how we're going to feed 8 missionaries for 2 1/2 weeks without sending the Danish Mission into bankruptcy. 'Take no thought for your life...what ye shall eat, or what ye shall drink...' We're going to be putting that to the test. :) I CAN SERIOUSLY NOT WAIT THIS IS GOING TO BE AMAZING.

Other thing - Are there any family history stories? We're going to be having a training on November 1st about how we're going to use family history more as missionaries, and they want us all to have some stories. I have the one from Grandpa Van Orden about our first LDS ancestors Peter Van Orden and William & Julia Ann Van Orden-which is way good. I would love some from our Danish ancestors if anybody knows any good stories. :)

We had a great week-George's mom, Zina got baptized this weekend!! I didn't get to go to the baptism because we couldn't travel up to Horsens again, but STILL. She's a member of the church, and the Horsens Sisters say that she is just so happy and is just loving learning about the gospel. I'm just so happy that her and George can be together on this!! George's dad died a while ago, and now they can do temple work for him and be sealed...the gospel is beautiful. I'm so happy for them.

Michael is still doing way well. It seems like he already has a testimony about everything we teach him. Genesis (his friend who is a member) is just PRAYING that her baby comes on time so that she won't be in the hospital during his baptism. Fingers crossed. I mean we can always move the baptism but would just be really nice if her baby came on time. :)

Hey-I love you all. I am so grateful that we have the gospel in our family. It's a huge blessing and I hope we never take it for granted. Have a wonderful week!

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