Monday, September 8, 2014

Week 2 in Denmark: A week in PICTURES!

I'm learning to be ambidextrous AND know a TON of hospital words in Danish!
Aviaga's baptism!!
Elder Ogden is the one baptizing her and Elder Higby confirmed her.
Best day.

me and søster handley!
These buildings are exactly like the picture on the
home page of my blog! Denmark is real!

søster handley, me, søster perkins (who was in the MTC w/ me!), 
and søster rigby. We all live together and it's a party.
This is the courtyard where the Danish royal family LIVES. 
They LIVE here. In those buildings. It's fine.

Little mermaid statue. That woman climbing up onto the statue fell into the ocean about two seconds after this picture was taken. She was fine. It was so funny.

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