Monday, September 14, 2015

WEEK 60; September 14, 2015: George & his mother are getting baptized! Release date is January 12th!

Danish Word of the Week: Omvendelse (om-ven-ell-seh) This means both repentance and conversion. It also means, to turn around.

Remember this story?

'We ran into one of our former investigators and he wants to meet again! He actually never stopped wanting to meet, but he lives with his brother in law and the brother in law was the one who told us never to come back. This investigator uses a walker or a wheelchair to get around, so he's pretty dependent on his brother in law getting him to where he needs to go-like church. But we offered to come pick him up and walk him to church, and he was like-I would love that! It was really exciting and a total miracle that we ran into him when his brother in law wasn't around. We could finally have an honest conversation with him!'

George and his mother decided to get baptized on October 3rd! I can't even describe how happy I am right now. George is a huge part of my heart. After months of sister missionaries pushing him to church in his wheelchair, service, lessons, prayers, fasting, more prayers-he came to the sisters and told them that he was ready to be baptized. And not just him, his mother was touched by the love and service that all of the missionaries and members have shown her son, and she decided to get baptized with him.

This is really, really short this week-sorry-but know that I love all of you and pray for you every day. Have a wonderful week!

Points of interest included in letter to Mom:
1) I don't need anything right now. I finally have everything back from losing my wallet twice in a row, so we're good there :)
2) My release date is January 12th. You should be getting travel plans when I have 3 months like next month. Oh gosh. That's weird to think about. But don't panic if you don't get them right on time, the office gets behind sometimes and they are in the process of training two new senior couples right now, so they will most definitely be behind :)

Love you!

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