Monday, November 10, 2014

WEEK 13: 2 Areas, 3 new Sisters = Recipie for Miracles ... and getting lost.

(From November 10th)
Danish Word of the Week: Tro (Troe) FAITH

I'm in a tri-panionship for the next week! Søster Reed and I are combining our area with the other Søster Reed (who is also brand new) because her companion went home a week early-so this will be fun! Two areas, three very new Sister Missionaries! YES. Sounds like a recipe for miracles. And a lot of getting lost. BUT, the area that we're combining with is Alexander's ward! The Danish boy who lived with the Briscoes this summer-I'm serving in his ward for a week! His Family is having us over for dinner on Friday :) I'm so excited! It's also Edith's ward-the woman we invited to baptism a couple of weeks ago. Her baptism is coming up soon so we're going to get to help her get ready over this next week! I feel so blessed that we get to teach her again!

Our mission is focusing on the faith to find people to teach this month, and MAN have we seen some amazing miracles! As a mission, we set a goal for each companionship to find 2 new investigators this week, and to continue with that goal every week for the rest of the month. I have three awesome stories--that I will have to tell you next week because I am out of time and our Missionary Portal is down so I can't copy them off of my email to President. Dangit. 

But, we made our goal, we found 2 new investigators this week and a bunch of really positive potential investigators from our efforts! It just was a huge testimony to me that Heavenly Father always keeps his promises when we do our part. Søster Reed and I followed President's invitation to talk to as many people as we could, and we were blessed with miracles! When we show God that we are willing to work for something, he always follows through! We can have complete confidence in that.

Also, Dave, the American man we met on the train last week, invited us over to eat Thanksgiving dinner with him and his wife and another American couple they know. So, don't even worry, I will have turkey and stuffing in Denmark!

Mom-It sounds like your shows and the studio are going so well! I do remember that location. It looks perf. :) And that calling is perfect for you! I love that the church provides help like that. It really makes such a HUGE difference in people's lives. You're going to see some amazing miracles!

Paj-I am also looking forward to the plunge into winter temperatures. We will get through this. I know it. I'm glad you get to go home for Thanksgiving! When do you go home for good? Good for you for feeding the missionaries! We love food! :)

I love you all so so much! It is such a highlight in my week to get to hear from all of you and hear how you're doing. We have a good family :) I'm sorry this is a short one-I love you all and I hope you have a great week.

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