Friday, July 25, 2014

Week 1: tungemalsgaven & I haven't lost my keys one single time!!

Hey everyone! 
Danish word of Week 1: tungemalsgaven. pronounced toonguh-malls-GKAY-ven. Means-the gift of tongues.

I'm here-I made it-I haven't lost my keys one single time since I've been here. So. Rest easy. 

I absolutely love it here. Five minutes after I arrived I walked right into the middle of a Danish lesson on was completely in Danish. Like. Completely. They didn't even break to say hi in English. And I was like okay, buckle up, here I go! I sat there feeling a little lost for a few minutes, but then I remembered to say a quick prayer. After that, I was able to follow the lesson and I even prayed in Danish at the end! It was pretty bomb. Miracle number one. 

I'm in a trio-Sister Moseley and Sister Floyd. Both of them are girls who went to San Francisco with me, so we're already besties.  

We are teaching our first lesson-completely in Danish-TOMORROW. What. Yes. You heard me right. I know how to say that I am a missionary, I love you, and the numbers this will go really well I think. 

But seriously, the spirit is so strong here. I am so happy, and I'm learning really quickly. The gift of tongues is real, and I'm learning to be proud of the baby steps I make in every class.   My teacher told us today that we aren't here in the MTC to learn Danish, we're here to learn how to invite others to come to Christ. If we focus on that, the language will come. I love that. Mark 5: 36-"be not afraid, only believe."

This is amazing. You are all amazing, and I hope you have a happy week! My P-Days are on Wednesdays, so you'll hear from me soon!

Much love,
Sister V.O.

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